Do you have a second to talk about this? Today I was shopping with my mom and I found this lovely pair of shorts, I tried them on and they didn’t fit, so I bought them a size bigger 

do you realize what a big deal that is for me? No more I’ll fit into that after I’ve lost weight, or this will suit me when I’m thinner, I’ll take it as motivation, no more being ashamed of the size I’m wearing, no more focussing on the number and more on how well they actually fit.

And I am so so proud of that. plus these shorts are really amazing and very comfy :DD

I will use the upper pic as a before pic for when I start working on my booty :)

the lower one is actually of no use for the message of this post, but as I took the photo I noticed how visible my calf-muscels had become and I just wanted to share :D

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